One month without notification: No WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & Co.

  • The moment when I deleted all my apps was a Saturday night and I was just going out. I rarely felt more disoriented and reaching my friends has been quite tricky.
  • The first couple of days have been crazy, I could not believe how many times I am used to checking my phone. Even knowing that I would not find a single notification, I could not help from checking my phone as a reflex.
  • From the very beginning of the month, I had a couple of extra hours every day that I could spend doing things I never had the time to do, like editing my YouTube videos.
  • I learned how to do nothing. When we are waiting for the train, taking a couple of minutes break from work, waiting for a file to download or whatever other couple of seconds window we have, we take our phone and we look at it. And maybe open Instagram and scroll a couple of stories. Now I would have a couple of seconds to look around me, informationless. How fu*king relaxing.
Photo by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan on Unsplash
  • We live most of our lifes in the cycle of the instant gratification. For as much as it’s difficult to give up notifications, looking for other sources of dopamine does lead us to happier and healthier lives.
  • Social media are incredibily powerful, so we need to be incredibly careful on how we use them. The reach and targetization of these platforms is unmached by anything humans have ever seen before. Instagram algorithms know what you like and how feel every day much better than your mother does.
  • Our mobile devices should bring us closer. Being able to see on their stories what your friends are doing makes them feel closer to you. However, picking up the phone and giving them a call is far more powerfull that seeing what your friend wants everyone to see.
  • Disconection comes with focus. The goal of every social media platform is to have you spend as much time as possible on their platforms, and it clearly does make sense for them. Notifications are studied to get your attention and bring you back to their platform. Choosing to go notification-free is very powerful.



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Federico Sanna

Federico Sanna


Autonomous Driving Systems Engineer at Arrival— Imperial College Bioengineering Graduate — 12challenges patient zero