I Meditaded 30 minutes a day for a month: what it did to me

  • Concentration: I could get a level of attention on-demand I never experienced before. It was enough to tell myself: “Let’s do this” and I would be totally on it in a second.
  • Planning: maybe as a side effect of the improved concentration, I was able to see what I had to do during the day in a much clearer way. Between the many other things that come with better concentration, I was surprised to be that decided on what to do next (and why).
  • Mood: I would say I am a very positive and generally quite solar person, but after meditating, I would enjoy a feeling of interior brightness (sorry for the very abstract term, it’s my best description) that would make me smile from my core. In the most abstruse and philosophical way possible.
  • Balance: This would probably be the word that encloses all the mixed feelings I experienced. I would just feel a natural balance and beauty in my day, the same kind of weird natural beauty you find in Fibonacci’s stuff, like Romanesco broccoli.
Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash
Here’s my video with a catchy cover picture where I dive deeper into this one month experience.
  • Note to my future self: don’t forget how well you feel after meditating. Please keep doing it and don’t find stupid excuses not to. Especially the busy kind.
  • Probably meditation is not for everyone, but it definitely works for me. Maybe, if you want to be more productive, improve your mood, and add clarity to your day, give it a go. If it doesn’t work after a while, try Boxing instead.
  • I want to keep meditating about 10/15 minutes a day, ideally in the morning, or before lunch. I know this will be extremely difficult to maintain, but I’ll try to remember myself how effective it is on me.
  • Meditating improved my productivity, my mood, my balance, my time management, the way I communicated with people and made me smile more.



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Federico Sanna

Federico Sanna

Autonomous Driving Systems Engineer at Arrival— Imperial College Bioengineering Graduate — 12challenges patient zero