From eating meat every day to Vegetarian for a month

  • For the first couple of days, I was excited about the new change and hardly realised I was not eating meat nor fish.
  • 5–10 days: I was struggling to find any food that would satisfy my hunger, nothing that I could put in my sandwich would help me please my desire for meat. It absolutely felt like abstinence from some addiction.
  • 10–20 days: Slowly, I started finding some food that would appease my appetite. I did want to keep a balance in my diet, maintaining high % of proteins, and was difficult to find something that could substitute meat.
  • 20–30 days: I was still missing meat, but at the same time I started feeling slightly disgusted by it. I would find surprisingly weird seeing meat in plastic packages at the supermarket, and I fell incredibly clean and light throughout the day, the kind of feeling you get after a workout and a fresh shower.
Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash
Here’s a deeper dive into my Vegetarian experience
  • Either for its environmental impact, for the surprise of self-discovery or simply for a change from a life-long habit, I believe everyone should try to go meat-free for some period of time. The more difficult it appears to you and the more eradicated this habit is in your life, the more I would encourage you to try it.
  • I did not realise what an effect eating meat had on me until I got rid of it. Even just gaining some perspective on the different options has been incredibly enriching for me.
  • I will definitely reduce the amount of meat I eat, and I will probably go more towards fish if I feel the need for some meaty product. I won’t give up having sushi, a burger, or a steak, but I will probably limit these for when I go out to eat, and I will stop buying meat at the supermarket. 50% of this choice is based on sustainability reasons, 50% on the fact that I felt better not eating meat.



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Federico Sanna

Federico Sanna

Autonomous Driving Systems Engineer at Arrival— Imperial College Bioengineering Graduate — 12challenges patient zero