Effects of waking up every day at 5:30

  • Extra hours: In almost every day of the year there are 24h to be enjoyed, but when you wake up at 5:30 you feel like there are 30h. Quite obviously the earlier you wake up, the earlier you need to go to bed, but the energy and productivity of those early morning hours is so powerful it feels like the world chose to lend some extra time to you.
  • Self-care: From 9am our daily routine starts, and it finishes at some undefined time in the evening when we are done working. Every morning, whether you exercise, do some grooming, take a shower, all you do is take care of yourself. Few extra hours in the morning are a few extra hours you devolve to yourself.
  • Mindset: Stepping out of bed early is the first success of the morning, and you know that the next few hours are going to be for yourself’s development only. Your day really does start empowerfully right.
  • Energy: I love fresh air, clear sky, and edgy sunlight. The vibes you gather in the morning are so energetic they enable you to face whatever challenge you have set for the day.
Photo by Ryan Booth on Unsplash
  • Waking up early sets you up for a powerful and productive day. You’ll have a clear picture of what you need to do and you’ll be able to structure your schedule better and more efficiently.
  • In the morning there’s no one to disturb you, there’s no urgent task to be done, you’ll never have to reschedule your workout to finish a job. It is an amazing tool to create habits you want to pick up, you won’t have excuses to postpone your goals.
  • You can use the time in the morning to take care of yourself. You can exercise, meditate, read, have breakfast, groom without anyone disturbing you. You can take care of yourself first, before you can have your best self taking care of anything it needs to.
  • An early morning alarm is a powerful secret tool to break a strike of subdued days. When you wake up early, it becomes much easier to take control of your day.



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Federico Sanna

Federico Sanna

Autonomous Driving Systems Engineer at Arrival— Imperial College Bioengineering Graduate — 12challenges patient zero